The group of Japanese drums NIKA TAIKO was born in Paris in 2015, created by Annabelle Liberge and Diana Cavalieri.
They both come from artistic backgrounds and met in Wadaiko MAKOTO's school.
They were formed by Mariko KUBOTA SALLANDRE from 2006 to the end of 2011.
They then decided to practise taiko in a independent way, cherishing the values they have been transmitted to.

Since 2012, they have been revisiting taiko's traditional music, mixing it to more contemporary rhythms, which produces Nika Taiko's unique groove. The duo NIKA TAIKO share their passion for taiko drums whether it is on stage, or during workshops collaborating with other dancers, musicians, and visual artists.

In 2017, the group welcomes two new members.

The artistic team

Annabelle Liberge

Having attended the conservatory in Le Havre, she plays and composes piano since her childhood. She discovers and become passionated about Japanese percussions in 2009, during a journey in Japan and then listening to a concert of the group Kodo.
She also practises Korean drums and recently started playing Kalimba and Sansula (African’s lamellophones).

Filled with no limit curiosity for music and worldwide cultures, she loves composing and experimenting new tones in constant search for harmony.
Creation is her main interest.

Diana Cavalieri

She graduated from the International School of Mime Marcel Marceau in Paris, where she developed her skills in acrobatics, mime, dance, fencing and theater. She then directed her training in circus and contemporary dance.

She discovers wadaiko in 2006.

The elegance of movements, the richness of rhythms and the depth of the Japanese drum’s sound, have been the focus of her professional research. After playing in several groups, in 2015 she founded the group NIKA TAIKO with Annabelle Liberge.

Man-hie Jine

Active member
Having experienced several Korean percussion instruments, she switches from Modeumbuk (drum set played with dynamic rhythms) to Samgomu (3 standing drums, played with choreographic movements combining grace and strength).

She participated in several concerts in France (Bayonne, Toulouse, Strasbourg, in universities like HEC, INALCO and in martial arts festivals), Germany (city festivals), Austria, Slovakia, Ivory.

She joined NIKA TAIKO providing her enthusiasm and experience.

Michel Ribal

Active member
Professor of Martial Arts and former athlete in several disciplines: Iaidō (6th dan), 1995 world champion of Nunchaku ("Bleeder"). He also trains the French team of Iaidō since 2008.

He started practicing Japanese drums in 2010 and plays in several groups. He participates in the video clip "IRON" of WOODKID. Following this experience, he turn to acting.

He also composes and produced several musical albums, suggesting melancholic, dark or mysterious universes.


Extract from a rehearsal of NIKA TAIKO in Paris.